The mod is currently in beta. We absolve any responsibility for the loss of babies from any use of this mod.

Beta 15 is not savegame/map compatible with Beta 14 or below. It is recommended that you delete any old versions of the mod before installing Beta 15.

The Multimedia Pack is required to run FQM. Planet textures and such will be kept in the Pack to reduce the footprint of FQM itself.

Version History

Download Links

To install FQM, extract the mod into the SE5\GameTypes folder. You will also need to install the Multimedia Pack.

FQM 5.00 Beta 15 (283 KB)

Multimedia Pack - Get Effects5, Models3, Planets3, PlanetSurface1, and Systems1.

Old Versions

FQM 5.00 Beta 14 (275 KB)

FQM 5.00 Beta 13 (275 KB)

FQM 5.00 Beta 12 (193 KB)

FQM 5.00 Beta 11 (2.41 MB)

FQM 5.00 Beta 10 (1.72 MB)